Beauty in Death


Dying a closer look..

I absolutely hate funerals! I hate dead people, I hate everything about the entire process. The sadness, the crying, the life adjustments that people have to go through. I even cringe when I have to drive anywhere near a hearse ( insert cringe here) . Death just upsets me. Death just seems to interrupt things, and it comes at the most inopportune times, typically when you least expect it, its just comes and starts running things!

The interesting part of all of this is that where there is life, there must also be death. In fact, its a natural part of LIFE! Where there is light, there is also dark. Where there is high, there must also be low, and where there is life, there must also be death, (the absence of life.)
If we know this why does death always take us by surprise, and why do we hate it so?

I took a step back to ponder this for a while, I thought about all of the things that occur during the funeralization of a loved one. In Jamaican Culture we come together meeting at the home of the bereaved ( what we call “dead yaad”) to sing songs, eat good food, laugh and talk. The best part is the stories that are told, some happy but most are hilarious! Its an overall great time. Relationships are mended people take the time out to share time and space with each other.

There can be found beauty in death,

Consider the four seasons we experience, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. We enjoy them all for their individual attributes, but the one that begins the ending of life in nature is fall. The word fall came from the old english word “feallan” which means the fall of the leaf.  The leaves of deciduous trees fall because they are going through their dying process.. We look at the trees as they are dying and think “These trees are beautiful!” ” look at the beautiful colors!” we enjoy the cool crisp air  and the beautiful leave laden landscapes, but never stop to acknowledge that we are actually admiring the process of death.

Deciduous Trees Mt.Laurel NJ. Photo cred: N.W.

We see beauty in this. Now i know the death of a loved one is quite different from leaves falling, but the point im trying to make is that there is beauty in something that can seem sad. Everything has its purpose and time. Purpose can be fulfilled even in death. To us that can be very hard to see but it takes a conscious mind to take this into consideration, to appreciate the truth in it all.

In this same vein of thought,

we all go through seasons in life that may seem dead or on its way there, but its important to remember that these things happen for 3 reasons:
1. To teach us something.
2. To protect us from something.
3. For somebody else

Its important to know that even in your struggle, its painful but others maybe looking at you viewing you through a different lense. Your struggle is beautiful to someone else, once your past it it will be beautiful to you too! Wear your tears like skillfully crafted tattoos, a badge of hope to others. Things The things that seem terrible to at face value always deserve a closer look, in all things try to find the beauty in it…

Always remember that when your going through, you never know who could be watching you!

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