God is Pro-sex!

 God is an advocate for SEX.

For those who believe that God is not im proudly here to  inform you that…………Yes! He absolutely is! Why would he not be after all he created it for procreation, and for the deepening of a marriage relationship. Something I didn’t quite understand growing up in church. All I knew is  “don’t do it!”  “It’s sin and God hates sin..” And what God hates I should hate as well. In school I was taught it’s safe to do if you protect your self, But why would I want to “protect” myself from something God created to bring glory to him?? I just didn’t understand, then all the risks that were involved (STDS, babies, crazy ex’s) who would want that!

Practice makes Perfect

I cant speak for everyone but sex was a scary thought for me because as a young person in church i was taught to stay away from it, I learned about soul ties and all the spooky stuff, but no one taught me a healthy way to express my sexuality as a teen and as a woman. This is something that the church shys away from discussing with teens and young adults because it should stay for marriage, which I agree with regarding sex. Sexuality is different; for men and women, I believe sexuality is something that can be discussed in a healthy ways, which can in turn change our view of sex and singleness in the church.

I think If our view of sex changed in the Christian community wouldn’t have as much of an issue with keeping our sexual purity as we do. God created us as sexual beings, so the feeling of wanting to be sexual as a Christian should not shock you. Its NORMAL!!!! 

For me, I felt like I was wrong for feeling this way,  but I am encouraged by the word of God that it was created by God to honor him in marriage. I soon learned how to safely express my sexuality in a Godly way. For me it was understanding what it meant to honor God with my body and what it meant to be a woman, that was very was encouraging. I was taught that how to carry myself, how to honor God with my sexuality (through practicing purity) (Emphasis on PRACTICING) and the blessing in doing so. Chastity is a discipline, something that you practice and it wont happen without error but in Gods strength the practice is perfected. 

It’s the grace of God that is the true key to living out God sexuality. Christians who choose not to live out their faith in this area are not living as image bearers of Christ and are in direct opposition the the power of Christ to keep you in even this area. Your basically saying that God is OK with this and you are not willing to surrender your entire life to him    (this includes your body). 


Godly Sexuality

The idea of Godly sexuality does exist, it includes not necessarily expressing your sexuality in a physical way but expressing your commitment to abstaining through discipline, Self-control which is worship. when we say “I choose to honor God with my body” we are literally saying God I trust you to keep me in this area, that You have the power to teach me how to guard my heart and to give myself to you in worship until Marriage. Before a marriage we are as Christians married with Christ and when we decide to engage in sexual activity whether it be Physical or mental (picture, conversation, videos or “solo sex”) We are committing adultery, breaking our commitment to God and tarnishing our worship to God. Now God is gracious toward us but many of us take his grace for granted, something that the bible urges us not to do. (Romans 6:1) Godly sexuality thinks of others in a way that is centered in love not selfishness, not wanting to seek personal gratification. It worships God through selflessness. If you think of a person they way God sees them its easier to choose not to have sex with them, “Jesus-centered thinking” is thinking more of others than them self.

Sexual purity is not an option for the obedient Christian. It’s a requirement. Sex does not become permissible through subjective feelings but through the objective lifelong commitment of marriage. As an image bearer this comes with the territory God calls for us to be pure, its a form of worship to him:

“But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people. Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. Ephesians 5:3-4″

This scripture reminds us that we are to be image bearers, we are children of God therefore we should carry his image, in appearance, in speech, in conduct. Even in the the things we commit to, We are the ones who carry his name in the earth, so if you want to be a proper representation of Christ I urge you to honor God in this way. what a blessing would it be to honor God with the very thing that society glorifies, its been a form of idolatry, and God is not a fan of that.


Gods Will for Sexuality

So many people wonder what GOD’s will is for their sexuality when it’s written in scripture 1 Thessalonians 4:3 states that it is GOD’s will that we be sanctified and avoid sexual immorality… What is immorality?? “Wickedness, dishonesty, evil”. Anything that is directly toward disobedience to God law! Simply put there is no point of seeking GOD’s will for other areas of your life when you are choosing to live a life of sexual impurity. 

For my friend who believed that God wants them in an adulterous relationship. Don’t let the enemy trick you like that, we know that the enemy will always try to keep us from GOD’s will.

Married people have the unique advantage to honor God in this way, its a form of worship, Purity in marriage is the commitment to faithfulness to your spouse. anything straying from that is dishonor to God and your spouse. The giving and recieving of love toward one another is a form of worship that is unique, it should almost mirror your relationship with Christ which is sacred, and holy. this is why its important to stay faithful to your spouse and you are faithful to Christ…

I have personally chosen to abstain from sex for my entire life because I want to worship God in this way, it has not gone perfectly but by Gods strength I trust him to protect my heart and mind in a way that keeps me pure in spirit. For the person who wants to reclaim their purity it is absolutely possible, but you have to trust God to help you. If you don’t believe that he can then your defeated already. It may take some stripping away of things in your life or people but it is possible. You want to protect your integrity and your faith by presenting it well.. We are Gods people therefore we should not do as the unsaved do.. we have to do things differently.. in doing so you are guaranteed to have the best sex of your life….

Be inspired to worship God with your sexuality.


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