I Lost it All!

You never really know the impact that the seeds that were planted in you life affect you over time.

I remember being a part of some church function as a kid where I sat in a group and we were preparing for a performance in front of the church congregation. I must have been about 11 years old and I enjoyed sitting together with my peers and learning scripture. Honestly speaking I did not know what the scriptures meant but all I know is that I needed to learn them. We learned Psalms 24 Thank you God for Sis Rosemarie and Sis Denise, they took the time to teach us even when we really did not know what we were reciting or even the depth of the scripture. The Earth is the Lords and the FULLNESS thereof…

Fast forward… As an adult, I find myself in a place of worry and discontentment with the way things are going in my life and around me. I worry so much sometimes about how much things are not working out, or how MY plans are not panning out in the time frame I set for myself. I get frustrated with the state of our society and how children seem to be losing their innocence at an alarming rate as a result of the heavy influence of music and social media. I worry about the state of our society and how screwed up the political system really is.  I find myself deeply concerned

with the state of the church and how the Christian presence is not infiltrating the system they way it was originally supposed to. And churches are more concerned with the business aspect of church and gaining members and not with adding souls to the body of Christ to maximize the kingdom of God. I worry about countless other thing and sometimes find myself holding on to fear of failure and success.

I found myself listening to a podcast of Dr. Eric Mason  on his preaching of Psalms 24. He was encouraging the people to look to God and not worry so much about what is going on down here in our country because the Earth is indeed THE LORDS and everything in it. It caused me to reflect on my life and how God has shown in so many ways that He truly owns everything and no matter what I do or say He reveals his dominion in every area of my life.

These past six months have been so trying but an absolute blessing to say the least. Every time I think I have it altogether God has a way of stripping me down to a place of complete dependence and reliance on him. In June I lost my job, for the first time in my life, this has happened to me  and I didn’t know how I was going to make ends meet and furthermore, I felt like a complete failure. I knew I had it all together and was more than capable of doing the job. I received countless nudges from management about things I needed to improve on and I neglected to make the proper adjustments. I got complacent and very self-reliant, I neglected to honor God in my work but I placed this job on a pedestal and just like that God took it away. I blamed myself which was right but at the same time, I knew why God took it away.

The ultimate blessing was that even thought I was unemployed and I thought my world was crashing down,  I was reminded time and time again that God is truly in control. He provided for me for three months and I was able to spend time with loved ones and others that needed help, I was able to help restore relationship and faith in others that needed it. This was truly more rewarding at that time. God does all things well and in his timing. God took care of me and God used me to take care of the needs of others. If I had been working I would not have been able to be used in this way.

Just like that! God gave me another job without me having to do anything that was better than what I had before that is essentially taking me closer to his purpose for my life.

Consider these things:

  1. We are all owned by God but may not all be his children.
  2. God has a purpose and plan for our life that may NOT line up with your own plan.

Every time I go to worry I think about this chapter in the book of Psalms… God Provides if we only trust him and is in control of everything, this brings Him glory. Just be aware that his purpose for us trumps our own desires and our own plans for our lives and the seeds that are planted in you and by you will grow in their time don’t be discouraged its all in His plan.

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