Lord Where is my Eagle??

The bible mentions eagles very often when making references to strength, perseverance, wisdom, and great honor. I always wondered why God would always make references to Eagles, and how does it apply to the Christian walk. During bible study  at WORD ON THE STREET, I learned that eagles are very particular and do not live and govern their lives in the same way that other birds do. Eagles have their nests high up in the air, while other birds can have nests in the same area, their nests are not as high up as the eagles nest. When they fly they soar high, other birds are not able to fly and dwell in high places. When they mate they mate in high places to keep from intermingling with other birds. This is extremely important because living as an eagle is very different than living the life of another bird. (Tribbett, 2014) I learned many other things but what it caused me to think of immediately is how God sees us as eagles, he wants us to be set apart understanding how wonderful we are because of him and how powerful we can be if we exercise his strength in us.

     I also thought about interpersonal relationships I thought about how we often find ourselves in situations where we are forced to compromise our own morals and values just to maintain a connection with a person. I’m almost certain that when God called us to be the light of the world he made us to bring light to a dark place, he called us to come out from among the rest, BE DIFFERENT. Being different is not easy, I’ll be the first to say that! But I refuse to let any random “bird” cause me to compromise my values for their friendship. I would encourage anyone reading this to fly high, don’t come down from where God has set you, challenge those wishing to be connected to you to come up to your level as you both go higher together.

     In dating relationships it’s important to carry that same “eagle mentality”, eagles mate high in the air to keep from intermingling with other birds as I said before. They know the importance of staying connected with people of like-minds and the detriment that intermingling could cause. This could cause a person to lose focus and begin to compromise and forget their value which is a DANGEROUS PLACE to be! When searching for a mate be sure that you do not Compromise what you want and need. And never compromise your values and morals to keep someone around. If they cannot do that without your help then they are NOT for you. Your counterpart should want to go higher together they should never bring you down to a low place, mentally, spiritually, physically, or emotionally. The unity should make both of your lives better. If you remember the ways of the eagle you should never have to search for them.. You will find each other!

Go with God!


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