Simplify Your Life

Life is Moving Fast

Life can be a whirlwind at times to the point where you forget to experience the moments happening around you. I know for me life has been about goal setting and goal reaching but in all my doing it seems that they years are slipping by. Feels like just yesterday I was 18 then I woke up and was 28! 


Where did the years go?! 

Furthermore why don’t I remember some of the major highlights of my life? 

As I sat and pondered this I realized that I was living life but not really enjoying life. Living Life and enjoying life are two separate things, to very different phenomenon’s that are executed in different ways. I was doing things and accomplishing goals and time was slipping away before I even got to enjoy LIFE! I realize that I need to do more of enjoying moments and taking the time to enjoy the beauty and richness of life at every chance we get.

Enjoying life! 

     Schuylkill River, Kelly Drive  2015                                Photo credit: N.W.

How is this done??  Simplify your life. Living a simple life without the distractions of extraneous desire for attainment of things and status will not only allows us to live as God ordained us to live but also allows us the mental freedom to live a more Purpose Driven life, our goal won’t be to attain “stuff” tied to our own desires especially if they are not rooted in Christ. If our focus is Christ then whatever we are supposed to have we will get because he will make the way for it. 

Am I saying not to have the desire for leadership? NO! Am I saying we should not want to live the dream, (whatever that looks like for you?) Not EVEN! What I am saying is in all you’re doing fix Christ at the apex of your desire and everything else will be added. THAT’S BIBLICAL!  With that in mind we will enjoy the moments of life that make for great memories.

As for me I am determined to not let this happen anymore as I approach my 30’s, so after some deep thought and thorough observation I am deciding to do a few things to help me be conscious about LIVING as I Live!

1. Give thanks, ALWAYS

2. Take pictures.

3. Laugh often.

4. Be a giver

5. Sleep when you need to.

6. Eat when you need to, stop when your full

7. Invest in someone else

8. Save for a rainy day

9. Kiss and make up  with the ones you love!

10. Enjoy family

11. Exercise when you can

12. Experience good food once in a while.

13. Pray and meditate.

14. Read Gods Word ( it’s our road map)

15. Do one thing you always wanted to do (learn a language, learn an instrument…)

16. Don’t worry about being friends with everyone focus on a faithful few but be courteous to all.

17. Take a mental health day from work every few months. ( that’s what sick days are for too.. lol)

18. Support local businesses they keep the economy going.  (It may cost a lil more but it helps the “community” in the long run.)

19. Journal, it’s like a personal timeline of your thoughts dreams and desires.)

20. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

21. Let go of grudges, if it won’t matter in 20 years or you forgot about it. Get over it.

22. Remember that people are imperfect.

23. Travel as often as you can, if you limit yourself to you current surroundings you would have missed out on all of the great things the world has to offer. (I.e. road trips count!)

24. Read a good book, just for fun!

25. Take long walks under the stars… (When its safe, we all don’t live in happy townlol)

26. Forgive… Always.

27. Take love seriously and stick with them, it may be hard but it’s worth it because nobody’s perfect. 

28. Last but not least find inspiration in everything. 

 Washington DC 2014                    Photo cred. D.R

Life is about balance, you don’t have to do EVERYTHING on this list, If you do at least 5 of the things listed here on a weekly basis you will find that your life is more fulfilled, a lot less cluttered, and you will have wonderful stories to share in the future. 

Now go experience life!

Be inspired! 


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