Take Seven

                       The Truth

I was talking to a young person who had been struggling with Homosexuality for a long while. I was encouraging him to really be serious about his intentions in regards to the issue at hand. He let me know that he wants to be out of it but it kind of crept up at a very weak moment, but he is doing is best to get out of it. This broke my heart only because thats how sin is. It wants to “comfort” you in a way that is not pleasing to God, and will creep in when you least expect it. The enemy really has very little to do with it because James 1:14 lets us know that we a tempted and drawn away from God by the desires of our own hearts. The only thing that the enemy might have a role in is finding the weak spot.


 As a Christian God knows that we will always struggle with sin; Its impossible for us not to, after all He did create us so he knows the struggle. The only one that is created perfect was Jesus, so sin will always be present. This truth does not make us any less “Christian” than anyone else, but i have noticed that there are a great number of Christians who use their inability to reach perfection as a crutch to perpetuate the “sin struggle”. In their mind they have accepted the phrase “well Jesus knows my heart!” or “I aint all the way delivered yet!” as their escape. Not realizing how detrimental and debilitating this can be to ones spiritual growth. Some even go so far as to not say anything about it, they just keep ongoing as if things are fine while they are dying on the inside in their mess and hypocrisy.  

Romans 6:1-2 Asks us ” shall we go on sinning, that grace may increase? Of course not how can we die to sin and then continue to live in it? 

Take this time to stop.. Consider our own truth…

We have to ask our selves this question everyday if we are to overcome the slavery of sin. How can it be possible to keep sinning when we “died” to it at the foot of repentance. We make ourselves hypocrites! I know I hate to look stupid and the last thing i want is to be seen as a Hypocrite. But yet still I found myself in this very place. Not realizing it until I was deep in it, ignoring my convictions.

Peter 2:24 says:

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

If we continue in hypocrisy we place Jesus the son of God on the cross… Again! We live as liars being bound to the very thing we proclaim we are FREE FROM!  

Jesus is gracious and forgives but let’s not take his grace for granted.

Take seven days to consider these things: 

1. What is your “view” of God? 

Your view of God will help you determine how you deal with and think of Sin.

2. How often are we listening to the Holy Spirits leading?

3. Where is your desire? 

-Where does your mind go when things aren’t going right?

4. What areas have we not given to God? 

5.Do we believe GOD’s word is absolute truth? 

6. How are we helping others in their faith? 

7. Are we actively working on finding what our “sin triggers” are?

After considering these things we can determine how we can individually overcome sin. But the truth is because we brought into a sinful world the only way we can never sin again is to be Jesus.. Lol! Sin for us humans is inevitable so the right is daily, constant. Just when you think you have arrived that’s when we fall. That’s what we need Jesus, he is more that able to help us conquer, a strong tower, a help in troubled times.

Be strong peeps! If your a child of 

God he is on our side!! 

Live intentionally!

Be inspired! ✌🏾️

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