Trusty Old Chucks


It was summer of 2013 I had just gotten home from being out all day long, and I got a call from my boyfriend, he wanted to take me out because I had been saying to him that I wanted pancakes. He told me he was at my door and we were going out. I was shocked at that because i was not expecting that at all. I went to open the door and there he was with bags in his hands. He bought me clothes and said we were going to get food, so of course I suggested Ihop! I went to change into the clothes that he bought for me. He bought me an offwhite Jack Willis sweater, some black leggings from american apparel and some black and white low top Chuck Taylors. I loved my comfy little outfit. we went on our way to Ihop.. it was a good time.

During the time at Ihop, I found my new sneakers to be a bit uncomfortable, they were the right size but the fit was just off. At one point they started to be a painful as the sneaker didnt fit the curves of my foot very well and chucks although a partially canvas shoe have the hard casing that takes some time to break in. But nonetheless I kept on strutin’ in my Chucks. They were new and looked so cute on my feet.

I deceided that i was going to continue to wear my chucks because I just had to break them in, Beauty is pain right? lol! so I did just that, it was very uncomfortable but I did it. After some weeks of wearing them I noticed that they were more and more comfortable with each wear, but also with each wear I also n oticed that they were getting a lil dirty, But that was ok with me because i was finally able to wear them with ease. I did decide to clean them up a lil bit but to me they just didnt look the same as when i first bought them so i decided to put them away for a while.

Today I was getting dressed for work and I needed a comfortable shoe to put on to match my look for today and i decided to dig up my trusty old Chucks. I put them on and they felt just as great as the last day that I wore them. I sat and looked at them for abit and i was reminded of the first day I recieved them, the drama I went throught to get them to be comfortable and where they are now. I was also reminded of relationships with others.

Whenever things are new they will always look amazing but there will be a lil discomfort thats life, but you just gotta keep trying at it. And when things get a little rough or dont look as great, you shouldnt be so quick to just throw them away. clean them up and keep it moving. Situations happen in life to teach you, to edify you, to help develop areas of weakness in yourself and in others. You never how grateful a person will be knowing that you didnt give up on them. Relationships are tough and go through transitions but its your attitute toward it that makes the difference. I was inspired today by my old sneakers to keep trying at whatever I’m purposes to do!! Life, friendships, family, career goals, hobbies, whatever! They maybe tattered a lil dirty, but they feel so good on my feet, so i dont care if other people dont appreciate how their dirty appearance may be,  I call it Charater! My sneaks are funky, they been through some things and they are a testimony to the victory in struggle and the importance of never giving up.. Who knows you might have some old sneaks in your closet not even realizing that they were the best thing thats ever happened to you.


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