Where is Bae?

Girl Talk…

I had a conversation just the other day with a girlfriend of mine, she asked me what I would suggest a good place to find a “good man”. Quite naturally I told her to go to church! Surely there would be a plethora of eligible bachelors that she could choose from… Right?

After thinking about it, I began to contemplate my own experience and the experiences of some of my other Christian girlfriends. For us in the past we had not had the privilege of meeting young men in the church who were suitable for us.. We would meet men who  went to church faithfully but lived lives that didn’t exactly mirror what a Christian should look like. They lied, they cheated, and engaged in a host of other unfavorable activities. Now keeping in consideration  that as a young millennial they were men who didn’t know what they wanted out of life, so what more were we to expect! And to be perfectly honest we were not even sure what we wanted out of life at that time much less to know what we wanted from a “man“! 

These days finding a suitable partner can be a daunting task for many reasons; both men and women alike are looking for someone to complement them, meet their physical, spiritual and even emotional needs. While all these things are necessary in life we cant always have the expectation that a person can meet all of those needs, (which can change over time).We have to remember that no one person will hold the key to your complete happiness and fulfillment,thats a great expectation and very hard for any one person to fill at all times. We have to remember that God made us all Human. Imperfect. Mortal. Therefore we are inevitably capable of failing without Jesus Christ.

“Finding a man” is deeper than being in church on Sundays checkin out the new guy who walked in hoping he’s single and the spirit revealing to you him as your Boaz! Its more than walking into a party hoping that the cutest guy finds you and sweeps you off your feet. Finding a man, is actually finding GOD. I know it sounds cliche but it unmistakably true! In order to know what a suitable mate for you looks like you have to find God! It takes a few things: 

1.Understanding who you are in God. 

Colossians 2:9-10

Being a Child of GOD we ought to know that we are complete in him, and because he is our father he rules over everything. We don’t have to look to another person to fill voids that only Jesus can fill. He supplies all of our needs, He is all we need.

2. Understanding his love for you.

Isaiah 49:14-16

Because we are his and he loves us so much he never forgets us, we are engraved in the palm of his hand. No matter where we go or what we do as long as he has sealed our names in eternity we will forever be the apple of his eye..

3. Understanding his plan and purpose for you life.

Phillippians 1:16

We are all apart of the body of Christ and if the body does not operate how can the kingdom message be shared? Having the confidence that God has begun a good work in you and will finish it until the return of Christ.God has a plan and purpose for everyone, seek God to discover it.

I could really go on regarding finding God those were just a few things that we should be clear on, but the point is to seek God regarding you so that God can send you the correct person for you. Ladies! do go out searching for a man let him find you, but while you wait seek the lord on those basic things listed above so that when he does come you will be ready. Guys, please seek God when it comes to pursuing a woman so that when you do find her you will know how to treat her and show her what Gods love looks like.. Only a man that has walked with God and knows His word and how to apply it to life can effectively pursue a Good woman..

What do we really want??

SO when you say “Im looking for a Man/Woman!” What are you really saying?? Your looking for someone to complete you? Or are you looking for someone to walk with you in life as Christ compels us to do? As far as where to find them, that place is still to be determined because as the Matthew 6:21 says ” where your treasure is, thats where your heart will be also..” If your deepest desires are found in Christ then thats where your heart will be and its in that very place where you will receive what God has for you. The same goes without saying for the opposite, set your heart on things eternal thats where you will find your gift.

Happy Hunting,



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