Tell yourself NO!

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness…” – 2 Corinthians 12:9 (KJV)

As I read this I reflect on my life and how many times I have taken GOD’s grace for granted. How many times I used ” God knows my heart!” Or “I’ll just repent later” as an excuse to do my own thing.  To have the audacity to EXPECT a holy God to forgive ME of MY sin that I KNOWINGLY commit. So many times I have done this in my heart and said it with my lips, I have chosen my own way and outrightly demanded that I be forgiven shortly after. Who am I to expect or even accept such mercy. God charges us to choose righteousness, holy living. He created us with the capacity to do so despite our imperfect nature; and our innate capacity to sin. 

Gods stength is made perfect in my weakness, what does this mean? Literally?? It means when I am faced with the option to be disrespectful  my parents that’s when God steps in and gives me strength, wisdom, and patience to love them harder.

 It means when I am hungry and I’m at work with no money and it would be easy to just take (steal) a sandwich from the fridge, I pray and allow God to help me and he sends help (food) my way.

 Or when I have decided that I would wait until marriage to have sex and I have been in a long term relationship for 4 years and we find our selves in situations where we could (hang up our coats) and we pray and ask God to help us, and he does in the most inconvenient way!  
God is awesome and powerful, his strength is far beyond what we can fathom but how can his strength be shown if we don’t allow it to be experienced . We gotta give God a chance to grow us, we have to allows ourselves to “be weak” like actually resist temptation. It’s hard! It’s easier to give in to sin but then we complain when we see no growth in our Christian walk. You really want to see some growth start telling your self NO! Start doing the things that you know will be edifying to your mind and spirit and starve the latter. Whatever you feed will grow.. whatever you starve WILL die. 

Share with me: Has anyone experienced this? How do you feel about it? Leave your thoughts and comments! 

Be at peace and walk light! ⭐️

Nyoka W.

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